Bosnia and Herzegovina

Registration in the Register of Business Entities in FBiH.

The register is renewed periodically, but if you want to be listed as soon as possible, the best way is by submitting the application independently.

After submitting the application, the administrator will consider and check your data, possibly consult with you and then approve your application so that you will be listed in the Register in the area/areas to which you belong.


The register of business entities in the FBiH covers all active business entities divided by activities and areas.

Detailed information about each business entity is available to members of the chamber.

Register of business entities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Register of Business Enterprises is responsible for registering all Norwegian and foreign enterprises in Norway. The register shall ensure legal protection and financial overview and is an important source for anyone needing correct information about Norwegian business participants.

All operating businesses – with limited as well as unlimited liability – are obliged to register in the Register of Business Enterprises. The same applies to sole proprietorships engaging in trade with purchased goods or having more than five fully employed personnel. Other sole proprietorships may register on a voluntary basis.

A registration in the Register of Business Enterprises provides the business:

  • the right to conduct business activity
  • legal protection of business names
  • a certificate of registration as identification to lenders, judicial registration, tax and customs authorities
  • organization number as an important identification to the authorities and for the coordination of public and private business registers.
  • credentials for executives in an enterprise


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