About Us

A brief history of the Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce

Our Story

In October 2009, the Norwegian Bosnian Chamber of Commerce was established. Both Norwegian businesses and organizations and Bosnian businesses and organizations are given advice and information about the Norwegian market by NBK. Through our services, NBK is able to provide its members a wide range of beneficial services, insightful guidance, and meaningful contacts.

NBK aspires to be associated with the BiH-based Bosnian Chamber of Commerce. We work hard to maintain a close relationship with people in the Bosnian business community and the Bosnian Chamber of Commerce.

Increased collaboration between the members of these chambers and between Norway and Bosnia and Herzegovina are goals shared by NBK and the Bosnian Chamber of Commerce. Our members have improved access to the market as a consequence of the two chambers’ strong cooperation.

Ahmed Lindov

Who we are

The Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce (NBK) is a platform that links businesses looking for a business partners from the Kingdom of Norway and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are able to assist you in making business contacts and transactions since we have knowledge of the Norwegian and Bosnian markets. We assist you in connecting with other businesses that can raise your value.

Board of Directors

The administration of NBK supports the Chamber’s activities and ensures that all of the objectives are met as well as that the rules and rights that are fair to all members are upheld. There are five people on the management board.

The following individuals are electable to the Board of Directors:

  • Citizens of Norway and Bosnia
  • Individuals who represent market relations between Norway and Bosnia
  • That they participate actively in their companies
  • That they represent a specific business that is a member of the Chamber and are not merely personal representatives of that business.

Board of Directors members duties:

  • To choose from among the Board members the chairman of the Board and the economic advisor.
  • They choose three members for the voting committee from among the Committee members.
  • Prepare the Assembly’s materials.
  • Performs eventual Board member replacements
  • They provide updates on the annual budget and business finances.
  • All concerns that are unrelated to the Assembly must be resolved by the committee.

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