Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce


Norwegian legal services

The Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce and the law firm "Advokatfirma Folkman AS" are two places where businesses and individuals may acquire legal assistance.

Norwegian accounting services

The Norwegian Bosnian Chamber of Commerce provides professional accounting and economic consultancy services in association with the business Zimmermann Økonomi og Regnskap AS. Both businesses and individuals are encouraged to use the services.

Assistance with the Norwegian-Bosnian market

We do a specific market analysis within the industry sector that interests your business at your request. With this as your starting point, you are better equipped to assess your potential right away.


Providing market advice

Do you intend to establish a business in Bosnia & Herzegovina or Norway? Do you need to get in touch with comparable businesses that engage in import and export business? On the Norwegian and Bosnian markets, we have a lot of contacts. We also have knowledge, infrastructure, businesses, sales channels, and possible business partners.

Do you require a list of businesses to consider? Are you familiar with what is available in the Norwegian-Bosnian market?

When we define your goals with you, we’ll look for connections who are in your industry, taking into account your industry’s goods, geographic location, overall staff count, etc. NB Kima has access to up-to-date datasets that ensure the best decision.

We offer you the data as an excel document with the names, locations, contact information, and phone numbers of the businesses.

In order to determine potential channels for the sale of your goods and services, we get in touch with a limited number of specialists. We search the market to identify businesses that engage in the same or related activity with the use of internal and external databases, contact analysis in Norway and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and market analysis. We are looking for the data you require.

Do you require a list of addresses to reach out to particular businesses? Do you know what you want to achieve with the Norwegian and Bosnian markets? We identify for you contacts that fulfill your needs after jointly defining the best objective, taking into consideration your branch, the product category, the location, the number of colleagues, etc. NB Kima has access to current databases, business networks, and a variety of information sources that ensure the best decision.

All businesses break their commitments. Because of this, we advise Norwegian and Bosnian businesses to investigate a company’s reputation carefully before signing any form of contract with it or a client.

The degree of transparency regarding corporate information is lower in Bosnia and Herzegovina than it is in Norway. As a result, many people find it difficult to get information that offers security. NB Kima is pleased to assist in locating information on businesses since it has first-hand knowledge of Bosnian and Norwegian market. We give you access to company certifications, yearly financial reports, and information about creditworthiness.


Our members’ concerns about the economy, the health of the market, and Norwegian-Bosnian collaboration are covered in our regular meetings, seminars, and round tables. Our meetings are a great way to interact with those who have the power to influence politics and the economy.

Applications, participant listings in fair catalogues, and assistance in locating suitable presentation space and stands are just a few of the ways we assist with fair preparation and execution:

  • Recommendations and advice for building stands
  • Assistance with technology installation
  • Recommendations for the attendees’ accommodations
  • Participant coordination at joint stands
  • PR for members
  • Promotional materials for events and other media
  • Travel planning for both solo and group involvement in fairs
  • Setting up press conferences
  • Organizing of seminars and conferences

High priority

Having a shared booth at the show makes it simpler to interact and network with new businesses and people. Additionally, joint stands assist in cost-savings and assist businesses, particularly smaller ones, in presenting themselves in the best light.

Common boot

At Norwegian fairs, NBK arranges a variety of cooperative booths for Bosnian businesses. This offers Bosnian businesses the chance to work together and promote their goods and services in an easy way. In all of this, we provide the chance to highlight the unique qualities of each firm taking part in the joint display.

About Us

A brief history of the Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce

The Norwegian Bosnian Chamber of Commerce was established in October 2009. Both Norwegian businesses and organizations and Bosnian businesses and organizations are given advice and information about the Norwegian market by NBK. Through our services, NBK is able to provide its members a wide range of beneficial services, insightful guidance, and relevant contacts.

NBK aspires to be associated with the BiH-based Bosnian Chamber of Commerce. We work hard to maintain a close relationship with people in the Bosnian business community and the Bosnian Chamber of Commerce.

Increased collaboration between the members of these chambers and between Norway and Bosnia and Herzegovina are goals shared by NBK and the Bosnian Chamber of Commerce. Our members have improved access to the market as a consequence of the two chambers’ strong cooperation.

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