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Advokat Anders Folkman

More than 35 years of experience in, among other things, company law, procurement law, contract law and negotiations. Advokat Folkman’s expertise is sought after, and Folkman teaches at the University of Agder and the Institute of Business Administration in Oslo.

In addition, Advokat Folkman has played key roles in building up a number of associations in Norway.

In addition to his role as a lecturer at the University of Agder, lawyer Anders Folkman has had an active role as a teacher for a large number of interns over many years.

Advokat Folkman has unique experience that is in demand both in business, academia and not least among young lawyers themselves.

With over 35 years of experience from various areas of law, Adokat Folkman offers expertise in company law, contract law, sales law and negotiation that few can claim.

Arendalsveien 20, 4878 Grimstad, Norway